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Chiropractic Services

At Hamilton Spinal Care Center, we encourage patients to become educated on how to obtain optimum health, recover from old injuries, and prevent new injuries in the future. The greatest satisfaction we get is seeing our patients get around again without pain. Our services are geared towards helping you lead a more productive life.

We provide patient-centered chiropractic care and massage therapies based on the type of pain and discomfort you are feeling, the frequency of your discomfort and the source of your pain. As you show improvement, we adjust your treatment plan to meet your needs, whether it be shifting to another therapy or increasing the intensity of your current program. We’ll also make recommendations for exercises you can do between appointments.



massage therapy




Adjustment Services and Techniques
Chiropractors use adjustments to manipulate the spine and other joints to improve or correct alignment issues. Our adjustments are used to treat a variety of concerns including back and neck pain. Based on your individual needs our adjustments are performed with hands or specialized tools.
Hamilton Spinal Care Center has highly trained, talented and experienced massage therapists on staff. Massage therapy helps to reduce pain and promote relaxation. We offer a wide range of masseuse services to meet your individual needs.

Our Chiropractic Adjustment Services

Flexion distraction
Manual adjustments
Low-force adjustments
Diversified Technique
Gonstead Technique
Thompson Technique
Motion palpation

Massage Therapies
Lymphatic Drainage
Deep tissue massages
Swedish massages
Shiatsu massages
Myofascial release

Trigger point
Sports therapies
Chair massages
Sinus massages
TMJ massages

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